Launch of De Bouwcampus  – Event experience design

Januari 20, 2015 – Industrial Design

De Bouwcampus, a hub with over 120 building related organizations, aims to create new solutions to issues of urban areas. As part of the official launch I supported one of their partners, Avante (a civil engineering innovator) in designing an event design setting. Avante’s serious games, co-creation tools and live brainstorms were all launched successfully on the 13th of januari at De Bouwcampus location in Delft.


Serious gaming

The goal of the Avante Experience was to involve the participants of De Bouwcampus launch by means of a dynamic process, useful analysis tools and a powerful ideation capacity. With the development team of Avante we designed a serious game using the agile/scrum approach. This resulted into the Coffee Canvas – a tool for analyzing issues of partners in an early stage of development – that was presented during the launch.

Design concept of Avante Experience
Displayed process of Avante

Event design

The experience design of the setting was requested to tell a bright, strong and inspiring story of Avante while respecting their corporate identity. As an inspiration I used the London metro map, which simply guides visitors along different stations. This iconic style was implemented on the floor, walls and ceiling using signs that seem to float in the air to mark all of the tools.

Design of guiding lines

Involving visitors

During the launch day a pressure cooker team aimed to solve challenges and involve visitors to join this co-creation. As requested by Avante I developed and guided several brainstorms for solving the selected challenges. The team and visitors gained useful insights for housing issues at the city of Rotterdam and the re-development of bridges.


Photo’s by Avante Consultancy / De Bouwcampus ©