Addmosphere – an interactive VR therapy

September 20, 2015 – Industrial Design

Dimence Group, a mental healthcare organisation having over 50.000 clients a year, has recognized the relevance of applying Virtual Reality (VR) in their treatments. Therefore, Dimence Group assigned this university team project that aims to develop a VR-solution which supports clients and psychologists during ambulant psychological treatment of fear of failure.

Treatment programme

The development of the VR solution is focused on clients who are actively willing to take treatment and are staying in the action-phase. Researching the treatments of fair of failure led to a focus area of goals to improve, e.g. the self-image of a client. In addition, actions of therapists, informal caregivers, relatives and co-workers are considered for their impact during therapy.

Model Addmosphere
Model Focus Area

By capturing images in daily life and tagging positive elements in their captures,

clients learn to recognize and acknowledge positive elements in their surroundings.

Addmosphere Hardware

Main focus of VR-solution

Stimulating a positive mindset by cognitive restructuring will help a client to place events and situations into perspective and improves the treatment effectiveness. These positive moments will be created by the client using a portable 360° camera. After recording these moment are re-experienced at home on a spherical display. Meaning can be added to these moments by adding information such as locations and thoughts.