Ideation tools – Supporting creativity at 20Creathon

Januari 10, 2016 – Industrial Design

In addition to my Masters I co-founded Packastorm, a startup for personalized brainstorms. As requested by 20Creathon we guided the creative process of student teams during their hackathon event, a 24 hour design competition. We designed and presented a number of brainstorm tools to support the participants in solving a sustainability challenge. The 20Creathon hackathon and its brainstorm process was implemented successfully and will be launched a second time in march 2016.

Sustainability challenge

As a result of flooding in urban areas citizens are in danger and private or public property can be damaged. The proposed challenge of coping with floods, to be tackled by hackathon participants,  required an overview of the actual underlying problems of floods within cities. We supported the teams in discovering and choosing relevant problems that occur along different time frames of a day.

Poster Event
Event setting

Coaching the creative process

Before starting the brainstorms we arranged some team building tools to boost the teams in their creative process. By asking a question unrelated to the sustainability challenge participants were forced to think beyond their design competition. In addition the individual qualities of the team members were reflected to gain an overview of the overall teams’ capacity.

Team building tool
Team building tool

“How could a pizza delivery boy use a pair of scissors to support his work?”
Answering an unrelated open question supports teams to start a creative mindset.

Guiding creativity of teams

Solving problems with a multidisciplinary team during 24 hours asks for some guidance in creative thinking. A brainstorm workshop was developed to support teams to set requirements, discover stakeholders and visualize their creative progress of problem solving. We used a step-by-step approach to inform and inspire participants with a brainstorm tool for structuring ideas.

Ideation tool
Ideation tool

Finally, we supported the teams’ development processes by multiple sessions of coaching which helped the teams to strengthen their concepts. As a result of a succesfull implementation of 20Creathon hackthon and the Packastorm brainstorms it will be launched a second time in march 2016.

Packastorm in collaboration with 20Creathon. Photos by Abbink Photography ©